Business Litigation

Commercial Law Attorneys Representing Entities in Westchester County and Beyond

Business disputes often involve sophisticated entities and can have significant financial consequences. At the Catalina Law Firm, our Westchester County business litigation lawyers represent clients in a broad range of disputes, including breaches of contract, real estate litigation, torts and liabilities, and many other legal issues. We are a full-service firm capable of providing prudent legal advice as well as navigating your company through legal actions. From our office in Peekskill, we can assist clients throughout Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Orange Counties. You should also consider reaching out to us if you need a real estate attorney or assistance in a divorce or a criminal case.

Commercial Litigation and Business Torts

Corporations, partnerships, and other legal entities with limited liability generally must be represented by an attorney in any action filed by them or against them in New York courts. Moreover, before court proceedings are ever initiated, legal counsel can provide vital assistance to almost every aspect of your organization. By identifying potential liabilities, your attorney can help your business avoid or address these issues before they develop into costly legal battles. If preliminary negotiations or arbitration cannot resolve a commercial dispute, however, litigation may produce more effective results.

Some common types of business litigation include contract disputes, business torts, shareholder and partnership disputes, fiduciary breaches, consumer actions, and product liability cases. For example, a person or legal entity that willfully harms the interests or contractual relationships of a business may be held liable in a claim for tortious interference. Tortious interference with a contract is a claim in which the defendant is alleged to have disrupted a business relationship between the plaintiff and a third party by causing a breach of their contract. Our business litigation attorneys can help Westchester County clients and others pursue or defend against these claims.

To succeed in a tortious interference claim in New York, the plaintiff must prove that it had a valid contract with another person or business, the defendant had knowledge of the contract, the defendant intentionally interfered in order to cause a breach of the contract, the contract was in fact breached, and the defendant’s actions caused the plaintiff to incur damages. Tortious interference may be found if the defendant made it impossible for one of the parties to perform its obligations under the contract, such as by not vacating a commercial property so that the new business lessee could take possession.

Breach of Contract Disputes

Contracts are essential to the operations of any business, governing matters such as supply and distribution, purchases, real estate, commercial leases, non-compete agreements, shareholder and investor relations, business loans, and insurance. In cases in which one party fails to perform its obligations under a contract, the other party may pursue a breach of contract action to enforce the agreement. To prevail in a breach of contract claim in New York, the plaintiff must establish the existence of an enforceable contract, a material breach by one of the parties to the contract, and damages arising out of the breach. If no contract exists between the parties, there may be other remedies to compensate a party that has performed services or delivered goods to another party. An attorney can evaluate the circumstances of the transaction to determine whether these remedies may be available in a particular case.

Protect Your Interests With Guidance From a Business Litigation Lawyer in Westchester County

At the Catalina Law Firm, we have the diligence and the ingenuity to further the objectives of your company while protecting its interests. With over 30 years of legal experience, Frank A. Catalina is a seasoned litigator, confident inside a courtroom and capable of handling complex commercial lawsuits. Our Westchester County business litigation attorneys can serve the needs of clients throughout Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, and Orange Counties. To review your legal matter with us, call (914) 736-0087 or contact us online and schedule an appointment. The Catalina Law Firm also can assist you if you are seeking a family law attorney or representation in criminal proceedings.