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Catalina Law Firm is dedicated to keeping up with the latest developments and "cutting edge" defenses in DWI law. They are also committed to maintaining expertise in all aspects of Blood Alcohol Science including Breath Testing, Blood Testing, Field Sobriety Tests, Drug Recognition Evaluations and DWI Trial Advocacy.

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Don’t Be Convicted on Opinion

DWI is the only crime where you can be convicted based upon the opinion of a police officer. As such it is an opinion crime. Name one other crime where you can be convicted without committing any harm to any person or property? In that sense, DWI is also a political crime. Frequently, the prosecution’s case is centered around the opinion of a police officer. In the typical DWI case, the arresting officer may allege that the motorist exhibited signs of intoxication: the odor of an alcoholic beverage, bloodshot and watery eyes, slurred speech, and an unsteady gait. However, these are subjective observations. It should be remembered every motorist is presumed innocent, and the prosecution has the burden to prove their case beyond any reasonable doubt.

Don’t Fall Into a Political Trap

No one would deny that driving under the influence of alcohol is a very serious crime. Clearly, DWI in New York State is very politically unpopular. As a result, legislators are tripping over each other to give prosecutors more and more tools to pursue a conviction in DWI cases. Some might argue that the system is rigged to facilitate a conviction. Advocacy groups such as MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) lobby for tougher and tougher DWI laws and encourage law enforcement to make more and more arrests. The problem occurs when innocent citizens get caught up in this police dragnet. More innocent people are convicted of DWI than any other crime. No one is saying that DWI is not a serious crime. We all want our roads to be safe. However, the question that New York City DWI attorney Ronald Meltzer asks in each and every case is “what’s the truth about the evidence?”.

Ethical, Knowledgeable, and Dedicated Representation

DWI is prosecuted vigorously in New York. If you are arrested for DWI, it is critical that you have a lawyer who understands all evidence in DWI cases including breath testing, blood testing, Intoxicated Driver Testing Unit reports, and the pseudo science of standardized field sobriety testing. This is in addition to all the nuances and complexities specific to DWI trial advocacy. Catalina Law Firm has a nationwide reputation as an ethical, knowledgeable, and dedicated DWI defender. Catalina Law Firm is the DWI attorneys that can level the playing field and achieve the best possible outcome for each and every client. No attorney in New York is more knowledgeable about the crime of DWI than Catalina Law, and their commitment and passion for excellence in this field is unsurpassed.

Not all DWI cases are headed for trial. In many cases, a plea bargain can be negotiated with the prosecutor. Catalina Law has the poise, tact, experience, and professionalism that is required to be an effective plea negotiator. Sometimes a quick plea agreement is in the best interests of the client.

Other times, it takes perseverance and effort on the part of the attorney to obtain a satisfactory plea agreement. However, if a plea agreement is not possible, it is critical to have an attorney who understands how to try a DWI case. Catalina Law has a passion for justice and fair play that he brings to every case.

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