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For many home and business owners, the purchase or sale of property represents a significant investment in their future. At the Catalina Law Firm, our Westchester County real estate lawyers can work to advance your goals in acquiring and developing property. We have experience assisting individuals and businesses in a range of residential and commercial property matters, including purchases, sales, leases, contract negotiation, litigation, special permit applications, eminent domain proceedings, development issues, and more. Our dedicated team is proud to serve the needs of clients throughout Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, and Orange Counties. We also are available if you need a business lawyer to guide you through a dispute or representation in a divorce or a criminal matter.

Real estate law covers a broad span of activities concerning transactions, financing, litigation, use, and rights in real property. Commercial real estate generally refers to property owned or used for profit or a business objective, such as leased buildings and development projects. Commercial real estate transactions primarily involve sophisticated entities with diverse business interests, often requiring experienced legal representatives to advocate on behalf of each party. Residential real estate matters, on the other hand, usually center around individual home purchases, sales, and ownership.

Purchases and Sales of Real Estate

The purchase and sale contract is arguably the most significant part of any real estate transaction. A clearly drafted and properly negotiated contract can prevent most disputes from arising between the parties as the transaction proceeds toward the closing and transfer of title. Initially, an offer to sell or buy is accepted by the other party for consideration. The resulting contract for real property must be in writing, must be signed by the parties, and must contain the essential elements of an agreement to be enforced. There must be a clear and complete description of the property, the price, and the closing date.

Most contracts identify the type of deed to be delivered to the buyer at closing, such as a general warranty deed, limited warranty deed, fiduciary deed, or quit-claim deed. If the buyer must secure financing to close on the property, the contract should also include a deadline to obtain the loan commitment and provisions regarding the minimum requirements for the loan. A real estate attorney at our Westchester County firm can provide additional details about a purchase and sale agreement and advise you of any obligations and exposure to liability, as well as review the contract to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Zoning and Land Use Issues

Cities, towns, and municipalities in New York have authority over planning and zoning matters within their jurisdiction. Subject to New York state law, each municipality can adopt local land use ordinances regulating property development, resulting in variations of law among them. Consequently, before undertaking any major changes to the structure of a house or the use of zoned property, landowners may need to obtain approval from their local government. Our real estate attorneys can determine whether any local or state laws might affect your construction project, and we can work with local zoning boards and state regulatory agencies to facilitate approval of special permits or variances. We can also verify that a property that you wish to purchase can be used for the purpose that you intend, as well as identify any legal obstacles that must be resolved before moving forward with a development proposal.

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If you wish to maximize the potential of your commercial or residential property, exploring your legal options with an attorney may be beneficial. At the Catalina Law Firm, we can guide you through land use issues, contractual disputes, sale transactions, foreclosure, and other matters affecting your property. Representing clients from sophisticated corporations to first-time home buyers, our Westchester County real estate attorneys offer personalized service and innovative suggestions to further your opportunities. We serve communities throughout Westchester County as well as many areas of Rockland, Putnam, and Orange Counties. Whether you need advice on a transaction or advocacy in litigation, call (914) 736-0087 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. The Catalina Law Firm also can assist people who are seeking a family law attorney or a defense against criminal or DUI charges.

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